Day 223. Western Australia’s 2014 solar eclipse

Images taken from Fremantle during this afternoons rare partial annular solar eclipse. I had bought some welders glass from eBay especially for todays show, in order to fashion a solar filter for my camera. And it still hadn’t arrived by today! And then clouds threatened to ruin everything anyway. Bugger! But eventually it began to look more promising about an hour and a half after the eclipse began, and I was fortunately able to take a few pictures (300mm telephoto plus 1.4x teleconverter, B+W 110 “big stopper” filter plus a polariser, shutter speeds 1/2000-1/6400 at ISO100).

The first is a montage of 10 shots taken over an hour or so, beginning just after the sun had appeared from behind the clouds, and just in time for the maximum eclipse. These are the images at the top right. The other picture is late in the eclipse but shows the sunspots in detail.

So a productive hours snapping! I will be better prepared for the next eclipse in 2068….

2 thoughts on “Day 223. Western Australia’s 2014 solar eclipse

  1. Beautifully done Ben. Love your work. What I find really interesting is when you look closely at the two sunspots close together in the upper right hand side of the suns disk you can see how there is a stream of particles flowing from one to the other in a classic spiral (which hints at the magnetic forces in play). Wish I could afford a telescope that allows me to view that.
    (Chartphred is my username on WAWG)

    1. Thanks David, much appreciated. The sunspots were a bonus and it’s fascinating to see their structure. I was lucky enough to get that result with my telephoto and a couple of hefty filters in front. My next purchase is going to have to be a telescope though.

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