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    1. Hi Liz. Many thanks for letting me know. I’m completely against the shark culling policy which I believe to be an abhorrent knee jerk political points scoring exercise, and one which has shamed WA. So it’s nice to be indirectly associated with this well written and balanced article. Also, coincidentally I am a clinical academic at UWA in Infectious diseases. I’m aware of Peter but haven’t met him, being based at Nedlands and Fremantle.
      Regards the credit, if you can change it can my name and photoblog address be attached? Ben Clark/www.cloudtogroundimages.com. The photo is also on there using CC license. If not no worries. My twitter address is @pasteurfan but I’m new to this and have only a few followers!
      Ps if you ever require an Infectious disease opinion piece….

  1. Hi Ben,
    I’m a huge fan of your work, i was wondering if i could get your permission to use one of your images for a poster for a play I’ve written. The play is part of a festival in my third year of university as a Drama student. Through the play we are raising money for a great charity, Samaritans. The Poster has not gone public, as i would not do that without your permission, but attached is the poster as i would want it to be. Of course full credit will be given to yourself.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Dean Greer
    (sent this message to your Yahoo email where i have attached the poster)

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