Pictures and words from a Fremantle photographer and some time Infectious Diseases doc.

Since moving to Western Australia from the UK in 2007 I’ve chased storms, landscapes, and fairy wrens, occasionally making some half decent pictures. The main reason for this site is to keep me photographing and to keep a record for my own benefit, but if anyone else finds it interesting then I will be flattered.

In 2013 and 2014 I did the “picture a day” thing, and published 365 images. This was exhausting though it taught me there is more to photography than lightning and fairy wrens! Since that time I’ve published pictures when able onto this site, though more are available on my beninfreo flickr page.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. On researching lightning strike sites for Perth. I stumbled upon your Flickr images, This in turn lead me to Cloudtoground.
    Photography was a hobby for me that has taken a back step due to other priorities.
    Your fantastic images are inspirational and have me wanting to get the camera out again.
    Thank you for sharing such Tremendous works.


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